Recruiting Marketing And Sales Candidates in New York City (NYC)

NYC Headhunters

We’ve got some tips here for you in regard to recruiting for people in New York.
We’re talking specifically about recruiting for marketing, media, public relations and sales professionals in the New York market, specifically in the New York City area.
There are a lot of businesses and competitive candidates in a small area, so you’ll want to be on the leading edge finding the best people for your company.
At Aldebaran, we have experience with headhunting in New York and recruiting top candidates from other markets.
We’ve learned plenty along the way and are willing to share some key findings with you.

NYC: A Competitive Market For Headhunters

First and foremost, New York is a highly competitive market.
Obviously there’s a lot of people in New York, so there’s a lot of companies and a lot of professionals.
If you own a company in New York, you are likely interested in hiring top-tier talent.
Hiring top-tier talent is what is going to help your company be the most successful.
If you are truly wanting to bring top-tier talent to your organization, you’re going to have to be willing to be competitive in the market.
You’ll want to be on the leading edge to attract the best candidates.

2018 Is A Candidate Driven Market

It’s 2018 right now and the market for the last couple years continues to be a highly candidate driven market.
With almost every candidate that we represent, by the time they get to the stage of looking at offers on the table, they are typically looking at two, sometimes even three offers at a time!
You’ll want to stand out against your competitors to attract the top-tier candidates.
A headhunter can help with that process, and it’s common for NYC companies to take on a recruiting agency.

Competitive Compensation

If you’re going to be in a market like New York City, you need to know that it is highly competitive.
It is also a very expensive market. You’re going to need to be able to come in with aggressive and competitive compensation packages.
Competitive packages include good salary, good benefits, etc., which will make you stand out against the competition.

Poaching from Competitors – NYC Headhunters

If you really do want to find top talent for your company, you are going to have to find a way to head home and poach from your competitors.
You can’t just sit around and wait for people to come find you and apply for positions at your company. You have to go out and find what you want!
Less competitive markets don’t have to poach from their competitors as much.
However, in a market like New York where you’ve got a lot of competing companies in a small space, you’ve got to figure out a way to headhunt those people.

Hiring Remote

Another important pointer to consider if you’re in the New York market is to be open to hiring remote or at least partially remote workers.
We’ve got a lot of great people in the north east in the Connecticut area, down to Washington DC, up to Boston and surrounding areas.
Many of these people don’t necessarily want to commute into the city, but would be open to being remote.
Often times it’s difficult to find certain talent already in the city. Offering positions that are remote or partially remote can attract a lot more people.

Sticker Shock

The last thing is that it can often be difficult to relocate candidates into New York because of sticker shock.
New York’s an expensive market and this can be a deterrent to some. You can accommodate for this for some people by offering to hire remote workers.
Unless you’re relocating somebody from San Francisco or potentially Los Angeles, potential candidates could be looking at higher real estate and living expenses. If you are considering relocating somebody you’ll also want to keep that in mind.

Smaller Markets

If you’re coming from a smaller market you’re going to have to not base your offer off of what a candidate is currently making, but rather what a competitive offer in New York City is going to make.

Hiring A Recruiter

You’ve got to search out the best, top-tier candidates, and the best way to do that is to hire a recruiting agency like us.
We’re going to go out and do all the legwork to head home, go after your competition and bring you the best candidates specific to your company’s needs.
You’ll want an NYC headhunter with experience and we can help.


So that’s a few general pointers for you if you’re recruiting professionals in the New York area.
Remember that you’re in a competitive market.
Sometimes it’s difficult to relocate candidates to that market and you’re going to want to find a way to go after the competition and poach people.
Aldebaran is here to help!
If you want more information about our agency, visit our contact page and learn more.