In addition to our highly effective talent acquisition and recruiting services, Aldebaran Recruiting offers state of the art, customized corporate trainings and workshops. With over 50 years of combined business experience and expertise while working with a variety of clientele across the United States, Aldebaran offers a unique perspective and methodology to empower you and your organization to develop and grow.

All of our trainings and workshops are 100% customized and designed for maximum impact within your organization. Whether you are creating a process or procedure from scratch, or looking to refresh an existing structure, we can tailor one of our programs to fit your needs.

A well-tuned organization has a higher opportunity to succeed!

Interview coaching for recruiters and managers

Interviewing – Become A Master Interviewer

  • Define, develop, and implement a robust, effective, and streamlined interview process across your organization
  • Train internal recruiters and hiring managers to master interviewing. Train your team to effectively and reliably select top talent both on hard and soft skills
  • Learn specific skills to attract, hire, and retain Millennial and Gen Z Talent

Offer negotiation training

Offer Negotiation – Wildly Increase Your Offer Acceptance Rate

  • Learn the ins and outs of powerful offer negotiation with candidates so that over 95% of your offers get accepted.
  • Get trained in the secrets that headhunters use to “sell” candidates and close deals
  • Define, develop, and implement a powerful closing and negotiating structure across your organization

Culture workshops

Culture – It Matters Now More Than Ever!

  • Define, develop, and implement a unique company culture that embodies your core values and reason for existence
  • Train staff and managers to be culture champions who grow and nurture your company culture
  • Learn how to hire for culture fit and culture add

Leadership and management training

Leadership and Management – Become a World Class Leader and Manager

  • Learn the difference between leadership and management, and learn unique strategies to be a better manager and leader
  • Trainings and workshops to empower leadership and management teams to better lead and manage their teams by taking 100% responsibility and ownership of their teams
  • Define, develop, and implement critical structures to empower effective leadership and management across your organization
  • Learn skills to effectively lead and manage Millennials and Gen Z employees

Hiring and firing procedures and training

Hiring And Firing – Effortlessly Run a World Class Team

  • Define, develop, and implement hiring, on-boarding, training, reviewing, disciplining, and firing protocols
  • Train managers to better manage their teams around all the aspects of hiring and firing
  • Learn how to lower attrition and increase employee retention

Employee retention

Employee Retention – Destroy Attrition and Reap The Benefits

  • Diagnose issues with employee retention and develop strategies to remedy problems with attrition
  • Define, develop, and implement a powerful employee retention strategy
  • Train managers in the skills needed to empower retention

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