How Employment Marketing Affects The Hiring Process

Like any other market, the market for employees is affected greatly by marketing. The goal of employers marketing jobs is simply looking for suitable employees. To properly understand the importance of employment marketing, we must see how it is done and what are its direct effects on the hiring process of employers or businesses.

To help out businesses and firms in specific areas, some firms specialize in how to market to the people looking for work. For example, if a company were to expand to San Jose, California, then using the services of a San Jose marketing consultant would be an ideal option for them. Employment marketing can vary a lot from area to area.

How is employment marketing done?

The goal of marketing is to tell people about your product and entice them to buy it; the purpose of employment marketing is the same. Employers looking for employees will try to attract potential employees to maximize the number of options. Employers will use techniques and methods to show that their company is the most attractive choice for people who want to work there. A prevalent example of this type of marketing is the movie ‘The Internship’. The film was made with Google’s permission and used some of their facilities, showing a lot about the company’s work culture. Google felt that the computer science sector lacked marketing to employees, so they felt like it was a great opportunity when the movie producers came to them. The movie did a lot to reinforce Google’s image as an excellent place to work. The film was compelling and shows the impact of marketing here, but it is still a very extreme example.

Traditionally, employers market online or through social media as it is the cheapest and easiest way to reach potential employees. The most popular methods are:

1. Employee testimonials

      –Shows employee perspective directly

2. Third-party websites

      –Websites are not affiliated with the employers but are used a lot by potential employees.

3. About us page

      –Showing potential employees what your company is about can connect with them

4. Public relations

      –Doing good for the community is a good way to show you care about everyone

        around you.

All marketing techniques used by employers ultimately make the company look better to potential employees. 

For some smaller companies, it might be hard to properly utilize marketing in some new markets they might be entering, and for that, firms that specialize in employee marketing exist.

Effect of Employment Marketing

Nowadays, the market for employees and how they are hired is entirely different from 20 years ago. Many different jobs have been created requiring completely different skill sets in the 21st century. Firms are constantly looking for the best employees possible, but so are all the other firms in the market. The market has become much more competitive than it was before. This goes both ways as even people looking for work need to distinguish themselves from others as the population is always increasing.

For companies that focus a lot on building up their company’s name and marketing to potential employees, a positive image of their company helps them attract the best of people from that field. This is why companies like Google, which invest heavily in marketing, are more likely to get the best new graduates or most skilled workers. The need to distinguish themselves and show themselves better increases the overall quality of life. In the age of social media and the internet, any negatives or complaints spread like wildfire, and news travels very fast. Due to this, the companies always need to be the best they can be and avoid any negative attention. For example, a company might try to appeal to female workers in a target market by advertising specifically for them, as many jobs are not female-friendly everywhere.

For employees, employment marketing presents so many more opportunities and job options. It also helps employees to see which jobs are worth going for and what might not be a good option. Competitiveness like this also means that employers demand much more, with the best companies needing the best from the people they are trying to hire. In places where jobs might be seen as the best, there are a lot of potential employees, and a lot is needed for one employee to distinguish themselves.