Recruiting Marketing and Sales Candidates in Seattle


Today’s post is about recruiting Marketing, Media, PR and Sales professionals in the Seattle market.
Seattle is currently a fast growing market, especially in the technology space.
Many people think that Seattle is going to be the next Silicon Valley with a lot of technology based companies being started.
We may also see established companies moving and opening up offices in the Seattle area.


Seattle has challenges from a recruiting perspective and often times will require additional help.
Companies may either use internal recruiting efforts or hire outside firms.
It’s important to know when you need to get extra help for finding specific talent.
The need for talent is extremely high as the market expands and therefore is becoming very competitive.


In order to compete there are certain things that you can do from a recruiting perspective.
Seattle is a great market to offer relocation in the Pacific Northwest and is even attractive from the Midwest.
It is an attractive city and many people, especially the millennial generation, are interested in moving to a city like Seattle.
Seattle offers a lot of outdoor recreation as well as career growth.
It is a smaller market and recruiting only within Seattle can be challenging.
This is another reason to be open to hiring and relocating candidates from other parts of the country.
Portland is a great market to poach people from, as well as Southern California.
The Bay area, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego are all great markets to pull talent from, as well as Denver and Chicago.


If you’re not able to relocate people it’s a good idea to be open to remote workers.
Tapping into the remote work force is great for any company, especially those in smaller markets like Seattle.
Another challenge in Seattle can be the commute due to the geography and traffic in the city.
An already small market can be dropped even further depending on where your company is located and where your talent is located.
This is again another reason to be open to remote or partial remote workers.
If you’re able to find local talent that is partial remote you’re more likely to find folks who would otherwise not be interested.


It’s important to differentiate yourself from your competition.
Your company should have a defined culture with structures and processes put in place that engender the growth of that company. 
You want to be able to communicate that culture and appeal to prospective employees.
Having a strong employer brand is critical now more than ever for attracting the right talent.
Offering benefits like parking passes or other perks will also make it easier for local talent to get to your location.


Seattle is an excellent market to be in right now.
It’s attracting a lot of talented individuals that you will be able to tap into for your business.
At the same time, more companies are moving to the area and this means more potential competitors for you and your business.
Some of these things can increase your costs, but at the end of the day should also increase your bottom line.
These factors can give you a fighting chance to beating out your competition.
Being open to remote workers and relocating people to your company greatly gives you an advantage for finding good talent.
It’s important to take the necessary steps to have your business compete and your employer brand be one that differentiates you from your competitors.
At the end of the day your employees are what make up your company and it’s critical that you do everything you can to hire and attract the best talent.

Seattle is trending as the decade’s fastest growing city in the US.
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