6 Ways Certifications Add Great Value to Your Resume

The days are long gone when career progression was linear and predictable. Long gone days when higher secondary education was enough to make people wise, HR career development was once decided by HR.

Time is changing very rapidly being the only constant factor. The workplace once was stable and essential, but now every workplace demands new-age skills. Young graduates can harness the opportunity of upgrading their skills through certification courses in these rapidly changing times. Certifications like project management, TEFL Courses, actuary, exercise physiologist, medical coder, process management, CPA, human resource management, language certificates, First aid, Microsoft Certified IT Professional.

Employers, during the recruitment process, seek new hires who have diverse knowledge. The one fundamental question is, what value can you add to our organization? Or why should we hire you? While a strong candidate assures the employers of this answer as affirmative. Showing the importance of the relevant certificate can be a good starting and impressive point.

So what do certificates or extra qualifications indicate? These certificates or additional qualifications mean a true passion for work or the career profession you are interested in. Like six sigma certificate adds a competitive edge to your resume for a talent acquisition post. Certificates that glorify your degree or resume also have a potentially positive impact on income.

Here are six reasons certificates add more value to your CVs:

Innovative Technologies 

The main reason for the workplace’s rapid transformation and rapid increase in diverse knowledge is technologies and improved methods introduced. However, the innovation is so fast that it creates vast gaps in the learning of the graduates. Since the syllabus is based on the current technologies only, certificates in emerging technologies can add a competitive edge to your CV. Technologies certificates include Microsoft Certified IT Professional, Comp TIA A+ technician, Cisco certified network associate (CCNA), CompTIA network+, Microsoft certifications and Microsoft 365 (MCSE).

Showcase suitable set of skills

Certificates mentioned in a resume showcase a suitable skillset that you can offer the organization. If you can successfully and confidently convey to the interviewer the skillset you possess and have developed through the certificate course, it can be a plus point.

Best for Interview 

The interview is the best time to demonstrate the value you can add to the company. This is  the time for you to gauge with the employers why they should hire you, which is unique compared to other candidates. If your resume mentions any relevant certificate, it will positively affect the talent acquisition team. Make sure you are ready for the questions that will follow. Some common questions from certificate holders candidates could be:

  • Why did you complete these certificates after your graduation? 
  • What did you learn through the course duration?
  • What can you do now that you could not do before?


Certifications can help you a lot in your professional career to gain credibility. Talent acquisition teams prefer candidates with extra qualifications as they show a level of commitment to your work.

Showcases not only skill set, but also character

These certificates can not only glorify skills but also demonstrate good character. Completing reputable and well known credentials in itself is impressive and shows personal drive, discipline, intellectual maturity, curiosity and strong desire to learn more. Every employer wants to hire candidates who have determination to learn more and update their skills.

It is likely to differ among two candidates with degrees from the same university with the same environment because of extra qualifications (professional certificates). One with credentials has a different career graph and is more preferred by the interviewer. 

Earning Potential 

Salaries are usually determined based on skills and qualifications. Some employees raise wages when employees receive a certificate. Therefore, having credentials can qualify you for higher pay as compared to the average employee.

Global experts in your palm (smartphones)

Previously we relied on our local communities and experts for knowledge. Now certification courses can be done online. Anyone can enroll themselves in any of the top-notch universities of the world. Also, certification sites like NPTEL, Coursera, Udemy, EDX, and the list go on.

Learning to Learn

Alvin Toffler said, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” Organizations value candidates who are eager to learn and relearn. Certification courses indicate your hunger and willingness to learn and your attribute of a lifelong learner. All this presents an impressive candidature.