At Aldebaran Recruiting, we take pride in our expertise as headhunters for Product Marketing positions in a variety of technology industries. With a track record of excellence, we’ve honed our skills in identifying and attracting top-tier talent for this dynamic and critical skill set. Our team of specialized recruiters is dedicated to the task of seeking out exceptional individuals with a passion for driving product success through strategic revenue-driving initiatives. Whether it’s product marketing, sales enablement, lead generation, market/competitive/product analysis, or digital marketing initiatives, we have the keen eye to spot the perfect fit for your organization. Trust Aldebaran Recruiting to be your strategic partner in securing the brightest stars in Product Marketing and elevating your business to new heights.

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Targeted Recruiting for Cyber Crisis Management

A SaaS platform for cyber crisis management was looking for a Product Marketing Manager. They are a small company and needed some extra muscle to find someone who was well versed in Cyber and newly passed regulations. They had very little luck finding qualified candidates on their own, and job boards were producing no solid candidates.

By honing in on the exact candidate avatar with the client, we targeted a very specific portion of our network to find the exact experience the Client needed. Through aggressive hunting, and effective pitching of the Client’s value proposition, we were able to quickly present them with numerous qualified candidates to choose from.

Within one month of onboarding the Client, they had moved five highly qualified Aldebaran candidates through their interview process with two going to final stages. They were then able to make this crucial hire quickly with our support.

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